Block parties are not only a fun way to connect with neighbours but also foster a sense of community belonging and encourage safety and crime prevention through neighbourly cooperation.

The Knottwood Community League will sponsor three block parties, one in each of the Ekota, Menisa, and Satoo neighbourhoods. Each sponsored party will receive $300 towards planning.


  • Have fun
  • Meet your neighbours, make new friends or re-establish old friendships
  • Increase the sense of belonging to a community
  • Encourage neighbours to look after each other and the neighbourhood
  • Promote safety and help prevent crime by looking out for each other and recognizing faces
  • Increase security by knowing your neighbours’ schedules
  • Learn about your community’s history


How to apply for sponsorship

To submit a request for sponsorship for your block party, put together a planning team (2-3 neighbours) and contact our Programs Director at In your email, please include the planning team names, contact information, neighbourhood, proposed date, approximate number of people and proof of KCL membership.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 28, 2024.

City of Edmonton Resources:

The City of Edmonton has many block party planning resources as well as information on how to get permits to close streets, etc.

Planning your block party

View the City of Edmonton Block party info

Permit Application (pdf)