We are excited to announce the launch of the Knottwood Bench Project.

In efforts to make our neighbourhood more walkable, we have purchased community benches that have been placed in various locations around Knottwood. Knottwood residents are adopting the benches, painting them however they like) and placing them in front of their homes for people to use.

How this will benefit Knottwood

These benches will help to:
  • make Knottwood a more friendly place where people can sit, enjoy the views, meet new people or take a break
  • promote a sense of pride in our community by adding unique benches for all to enjoy
  • make Knottwood more walkable, encourage community building and help reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • encourage your neighbours to get outside and be more active
  • positively contribute to the safety of Knottwood as people who invest in their community watch out for one another

Our hope with this program is to engage as many people as possible in our neighbourhood and share ideas about other ways we can evolve and improve our wonderful neighbourhood through continued community revitalizations.

Get involved: Adopt a Bench!

We currently have one more bench available for adoption.  Sponsors will volunteer to put one of these community benches on their property and will be required to paint their bench (paint provided) in their own unique way, keep the bench accessible all year long, maintain the bench in good condition, make it inviting, locate it where it is easily accessible and sign an agreement with the community league.

Similar successful programs

For those of you who may be interested, Holyrood community has put 20 benches in their community. It is worth a drive to see how great they look.

Read more the Holyrood Bench program:
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Or to apply to be a bench sponsor, email programs@knottwoodcommunity.ca.