Our Short Story

In 1970, the Government of Alberta put together the Mill Woods land bank. The idea was to create a large urban extension in Edmonton that would help combat the increasing costs of residential land in the city.

The City of Edmonton worked quickly, and by 1971, it had created the Millwoods Development Concept plan. Residential development began in Ekota soon after, while work started in Satoo and Menisa in 1974 and 1976 respectively.

The Knottwood Community League was formed on Mar. 14, 1977, at a meeting in Satoo Elementary School, where the residents resolved to provide programs and facilities for the three neighbourhoods.

For over 40 years, these three neighbourhoods have formed a partnership that continues to provide Knottwoodians with a strong sense of pride and community spirit.

About 5 years ago we created a rejuvenation project for the community. This rejuvenation project continues today, with many aspects of site infrastructure improvements, a new Community gather space, program creation, and in aspects for building community pride.

The initial step of the project back then was revising the League’s branding.  This was in updating our League mandate, imaging, and in creating a new website. The name of Knottwood, in the mind of the Board and for many in the community, has always been interpreted as a theme of natural forestry like other communities in Mill Woods (ie. MILLhurst, LAKEwood, WOODvale, and now Ward Karhiio).

Based on this, and lead by a professional branding firm, our thought of a
knot in a tree expanded to signify a central point of which brings our neighbourhoods of Menisa, Ekota, and Satoo together to a core where we all
as a community circle around and join together.

Knottwood Community League continues to bring together this great community.