Kinder School Spaces Available for Fall

AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE, QUALITY CHILD CARE Will your child be attending Kindergarten at Satoo School this fall? If so, we still have some

Kinder School Spaces Available for Fall2020-07-03T12:58:20-06:00

How to volunteer during COVID

Do you want to help out during these difficult times? Being a volunteer is still possible! Volunteers are needed now more than

How to volunteer during COVID2020-05-09T17:50:24-06:00

New Business Directory for Knottwood

We love our neighbourhood small businesses and encourage folks to buy locally and support their neighbours. Our Knottwood Community Facebook group exists

New Business Directory for Knottwood2020-03-14T23:26:46-06:00

Satoo Cart Rollout winter update

Green cart contents turning to ice? Edmonton has entered a cold snap. Everything is frozen-- and that may include the contents of

Satoo Cart Rollout winter update2020-01-23T11:38:16-07:00