The Ekota rink is now closed for the season.

Unfortunately, our skating season was shorter than we wanted this winter. Consistently high temperatures and the sun beating down on our ice made it difficult to keep a consistent and safe ice surface.

We have started preliminary conversations around the possibility of updating the rink with new boards and either an asphalt or a concrete base, both of which would make our ice much less susceptible to the kinds of conditions we dealt with this season.

This project will require some help from our community. If you would be willing to dedicate your time to this planning and fundraising for this project, please get in touch! We are run by volunteers and are committed to continuing our ongoing community revitalization activities, including for our Ekota rink.

Interested in helping? Email

We would also like to thank EPCOR for their generous support of our Ekota rink this past season. Our rink was one of more than 50 community rinks in Edmonton that received a community rink grant this year! The grant helps communities like ours create safe places to skate in Edmonton and discourages skating on stormwater facilities. Thank you, EPCOR!