Find a yard sale this weekend!

If you're looking for some bargains this weekend (Friday, August 19 - Sunday, August 21) you've come to the right place! We've [...]

Find a yard sale this weekend!2022-08-19T10:40:22-06:00

Alley Art & Garden Project

Public art adds enormous value to the culture of a community and contributes to community's identity. The additions of alley art and [...]

Alley Art & Garden Project2022-08-01T19:02:12-06:00

Multi-Community Yard Sale + Map

Knottwood, Millhurst, & Southwood are having a community yard sale! Are you planning on holding a yard sale anytime during the weekend [...]

Multi-Community Yard Sale + Map2022-07-05T19:54:29-06:00

Green Shacks are back in Knottwood!

Summer Green Shacks are back! Starting XXXXX, our community green shacks will be open! Get active and join in on games, sport, [...]

Green Shacks are back in Knottwood!2022-07-03T19:30:45-06:00

Get your 50/50 Tickets now!

We are excited to announce our online 50/50 fundraiser! - Grab your tickets now! Knottwood Community League was formed on Mar. 14, [...]

Get your 50/50 Tickets now!2022-09-01T13:38:02-06:00

Join our Community Clean-Up 2022

Help us clean up our neighbourhood! This year, for the whole month of May, we are hosting a community spring clean up. [...]

Join our Community Clean-Up 20222022-05-02T22:38:22-06:00

The new hall is almost here!

We know everyone is starting to get excited about the new hall (we sure are!). We also know there are a lot [...]

The new hall is almost here!2022-06-15T19:09:45-06:00


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