Volunteer Profile: Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw is a true gem and leader in our community. We are incredibly lucky that he volunteers his time to lead

Volunteer Profile: Thomas Shaw2021-01-31T17:35:28-07:00

Get Knottwood’s Halloween Map Here

Knottwood's Halloween Map is now available. We will be updating this throughout the week leading up to Halloween as more homes register.

Get Knottwood’s Halloween Map Here2020-10-28T15:57:45-06:00

Knottwood Halloween Map 2020

To give families an idea of what to expect for Halloween this year in Knottwood, we are putting together an online Halloween

Knottwood Halloween Map 20202020-10-23T00:15:55-06:00

Free Knottwood CL Memberships

This year, due to COVID-19, Knottwood Community League memberships will be free. At this time, there is no community swim available due

Free Knottwood CL Memberships2020-09-11T12:04:55-06:00

Kinder School Spaces Available for Fall

AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE, QUALITY CHILD CARE Will your child be attending Kindergarten at Satoo School this fall? If so, we still have some

Kinder School Spaces Available for Fall2020-07-03T12:58:20-06:00

How to volunteer during COVID

Do you want to help out during these difficult times? Being a volunteer is still possible! Volunteers are needed now more than

How to volunteer during COVID2020-05-09T17:50:24-06:00

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