We have a few of great yoga classes starting up THIS WEDNESDAY!
Classes run for 6 weeks. September 21st – October 26th
$36 for 6 weeks (Community League Member price)
$66 for 6 weeks (Non-member price)
There’s a class for everyone! Spaces are limited. Hurry & book your spot today! https://knottwoodcommunity.ca/events/
Wednesdays 10 – 11am – Steady Flow – All Ages, Levels and Mobility. For Low Mobility
Sequences/Postures to Expect: Sun Salutations, Side bends, Spinal Twists, Folds and gentle backbends, Minimal time in standing postures, transitions from seating on ground/chair to standing and back down, from back to belly and to kneeling/table top.
Wednesdays 2 – 3 pm Happy Hour – All Ages, For Parents & Kids
Sequences/Postures to Expect: Balancing Postures, Rolling Transitions, Dynamic side bends, folds and twists. Let your inner child come out as you playful flow between each shape!
Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm Let’s Flow – All ages, Levels & Mobility. Modifications included.
Sequences/Postures to Expect: Warrior 1 -> Warrior 2 -> Extended Side Angle, Table -> Wide Lunge -> Gate Pose, some Balances, and Sun Salutations. A mix of low and high energy flows, as well as plenty of transitions (Seat to Stand, Stand to back, Belly to Table, etc) for you to experiment with!