Did you know that the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) is 100 years old this year!? 

Community Leagues play an important part of Edmonton’s history. Community Leagues work to bring residents together, improve community amenities, and enhance the quality of life for you and your neighbours. Community Leagues do this through organizing recreational, education and sports programming, hosting community parties and events, developing amenities such as spray parks, playgrounds, sports courts, community gardens and community league halls, and by being the voice of the community when it comes to civic matters that impact your neighbourhood.

The first Community League formed 100 years ago and today there are 161 Community Leagues all across the City. Everyone in Edmonton lives within the boundary of a Community League.

The Knottwood Community League

The Knottwood Community League (KCL) was formed on Mar. 14, 1977. For the past 40 plus years, the three neighbourhoods of Ekota, Menisa and Satoo have formed a partnership that continues to provide Knottwoodians with a strong sense of pride and community spirit.

Story Sharing and Colouring Page

Send us your stories, photos and completed colouring pages! Why do you love Knottwod and our league?

Knottwood Colouring Contest and Story Sharing

Knottwood Community League Colour Page. 

To celebrate EFCL 100 birthday, we want to hear your stories of Knottwood and the league from over the past 44 years.  We have also created a Knottwood colouring page that folks young and old can enjoy. We encourage everyone to send in their completed colouring pages and stories and memories of our area.

Tell us. What does our community league and Knottwood mean to you? Do you have a story that you would like to share about the history of our area or something that you recall over the years?  Do you have photos from Knottwood over the years? What is your favourite thing about living in Knottwood? These are all important stories to tell, to share and to be proud of.

Stories/photos and colouring pages will be shared on our social media accounts and in our Knottwood newsletter. Please be sure to include your name, age and email address (email addresses will remain private). Send your colouring pages and stories to vp2@knottwoodcommunity.ca.