The City of Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw is going through its first comprehensive overhaul in over 60 years and the City of Edmonton is looking for your feedback.

Small Scale Residential Zone (RS)

Under the proposed changes, the Knottwood residential area will switch to a Small Scale Residential (RS) zone. Watch this video to learn what this means.


  • Combines multiple existing small-scale residential zones into a single zone to equalize development potential within The City Plan’s redeveloping area
  • Building types proposed for this zone include:
    • single detached housing,
    • semi-detached housing,
    • duplexes,
    • backyard housing,
    • secondary suites,
    • row housing,
    • small apartments
    • and supportive housing.
  • A NEW maximum building height of 10.5 m (3 stories) is proposed to support a range of housing forms and greater consistency across small-scale residential zones. This is a change from the current 2-story limit.
  • Enables new businesses in key locations to provide services closer to where people live without a rezoning. For example, Food and Drink Services, Indoor Sales and Services, and Offices would only be permitted next to an existing Commercial Zone.

How to Learn More & Provide Feedback

  1. The City has engagement and education opportunities available online. The proposed bylaw can be viewed in its entirety online and there is a chance to give feedback on every detail. You can also view a shorter Overview Document here.
  2. You can also book time with a City Planner to ask questions about the draft Zoning Bylaw, Rezoning Map, or other zoning matters.
  3. There is a map where you can pull up your residence, local coffee shop or business and circle back to the draft Zoning Bylaw to understand how it will apply to all your favourite spots.

Deadline to provide feedback: Dec. 18.
The final zoning bylaw will be implemented late next year.

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