Cleaners for the Knottwood Community Centre

We are looking for an individual or company who can handle cleaning at the Knottwood Community Centre. We will require:

  • Monthly cleans for the entire space, including windows
  • Annual deep cleans including all space and walls
  • Cleaning services following programs and events –  sporadic cleans of spaces within the building with a 3hr notice for a basic clean. Our preference would be to have spaces cleaned immediately following events, programs, or rentals, typically on weekends.  Large rentals could go to as late as 2 AM on a Friday or Saturday and we may have a program or event the following morning.  Our hope is to have the cleaning completed before 10 am the next day. We would need the cleaner to provide all cleaning supplies and equipment for vinyl floors, stainless steel, and other surfaces.

For more information, email Chantell at