This June, select community leagues are taking part in a friendly bike competition from June 1-30. The goal is to see which community can collectively bike the most distance throughout the month. So this is our chance to get some exercise, stay active during the pandemic and let our neighbourhood shine! Anyone in the Knottwood community can participate, even kids.

How it works

Participants are invited to track their cycling and pool their kilometres with their neighbours on Strava. Download the Strava App to your mobile device and search for the club “Knottwood Community” to join, or you can use this link
You can MANUALLY input activities into Strava even if you track your distance with a different device, just look for the plus sign [+].
  • On mobile, this is found on the “Feed” screen.
  • On a computer, go to the Strava website, set up or sign in to your Strava account and choose the “Training” dropdown menu. Select “Activities” and find the plus symbol [+] in the top right corner by your profile picture.)
For those without access to the Strava app, you can submit your weekly total distance (in kilometres) by e-mail to

If you take your family out for a ride, your children’s distance counts as well! So if your family of four takes a four-kilometre spin, you can report 16 km total!