Stormwater Facilities have become popular recreation hotspots in Edmonton and this is not good practice. These facilities have a job to do; they are an important part of the stormwater drainage infrastructure in the city. They help prevent flooding during severe weather events and collect runoff from city streets, which often contain salts and other substances. Water moves through these facilities throughout the year creating instability, they are dangerous. Recreation on these facilities is prohibited. Families should find safe winter recreation alternatives. EPCOR has compiled a list of safe skating sites in Edmonton, which can be searched on our website at


What is a stormwater facility?

Stormwater facilities are typically located in newer Edmonton neighbourhoods. They have a job to do: Reduce the risk of flooding in our communities. Find our stormwater facilities on a map at

Why are they unsafe for use? What makes them different from a “normal” pond?

Stormwater facilities are not safe for any type of use because water is continuously flowing beneath the frozen top later. There is both an inlet and outlet pipe that keeps water moving; this causes ice thickness to be unpredictable and highly dangerous. While it may appear thick in some areas, other areas may have little to no ice. There are generally no visible surface indications of unsafe conditions. In addition, stormwater runoff may contain salts and other material that could lower the freezing point of water.

Why are we launching this campaign?

Public safety is a priority and we want to remind Edmontonians to stay off of stormwater facilities this winter.

Who should I call if I see someone out on a stormwater facility?

Please call 311 to report any activity on a facility.  We will then notify the community of the dangers around stormwater facilities. On December 1, 2019, call EPCOR directly at 780-412-4500 to report activity on a stormwater facility.

Where can I go for outdoor recreation this winter?

There are safer outdoor and indoor rinks that offer public skating. Check out to find the closest one near you.

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