Green cart contents turning to ice?

Edmonton has entered a cold snap. Everything is frozen– and that may include the contents of your green cart. 

When organics freeze to the inside of your cart, it creates a mess and makes it difficult or impossible for collectors to fully empty your cart. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help loosen the scraps, keep your cart clean and ensure waste collectors can fully empty the cart!

  • Layer wet and dry organics in your cart. E.g., a layer of paper or dry yard waste, then a layer of food waste.
  • Place paper at the bottom of your cart. Acceptable types of paper include newspaper, shredded paper, paper towel or cut-up cardboard pulp egg cartons.
  • Line your cart with a paper yard waste bag.
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What’s this tag?

If your waste was set out incorrectly, you may find your carts were not collected and a tag was attached to one of your carts. 

The tag shows the issue that prevented collection, and how to correct it. Please take steps to address the issue and set out your carts correctly next time. Carts set out incorrectly may not be collected until the next collection day, as identified on your collection calendar.

Questions? Visit or call the Waste Hotline at 780-496-5678.