On June 13, the Southeast Police Division hosted an information session on neighbourhood safety for residents of Knottwood.

There were a lot of great questions and conversation. Community members are concerned about the increased crime in Knottwood and the influx of homeless/vagrants in the community. EPS is aware of these issues and are taking measures to address them.

The Knottwood Community League Neighbourhood Watch Director would like to remind community members that there are great ways to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Community members need to remain vigilant; report all suspicious activity and crimes to police. If you SEE something, SAY something — no matter how big or small you may think it is. This could be something like panhandlers in the area or someone riding around on a bike wearing a backpack that just doesn’t seem to belong here. 

Even if you are unsure that something should be reported or not, do it anyway. Every time we report something, it appears on the crime map and the police are notified. This helps them see where things are happening and where resources need to be.

There are multiple reporting/crime mapping/information tools for community members to use:

Be kind to your neighbours and engage with them. For example, their property may be unsightly, but perhaps they don’t have the knowledge or tools to keep it up, offer to give them a hand. You may make a new friend.

Community building/participation – an engaged and active community can deter crime, decrease social isolation and bolster legitimate activity. And what better way to do this by getting involved in Knottwood! There are multiple ways you can be involved https://knottwoodcommunity.ca/

  • Host a block party – this is a great way to get to know your neighbours. Learn who doesn’t belong there. Knottwood sponsors three block parties each summer. Contact neighbourhoodwatch@knottwoodcommunity.ca if you would like to be sponsored. Learn more about block parties and sponsorship

  • Get Involved with Knottwood’s Abundant Edmonton program – Knottwood has recently started an Abundant Edmonton program in the area. We are looking for people who are willing to become block connectors to help introduce neighbours to each other. We are also encouraging people in Knottwood to host a social event this summer to meet their neighbours. Learn more here:  For information on how to become a block connector, email volunteer@knottwoodcommunity.ca.

Get an alarm system. There are numerous systems available on the market. Shaw and Telus have systems for their customers that can be billed as part of your packages. One of the Knottwood membership benefits is a discount with Liberty Security. Learn more.

EPS has great information on how you can protect your property. The Home Security Checklist is a great tool to help people get in the crime prevention mindset. 

  • Follow the Knottwood Community League on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with programs and events and connect with other like-minded neighbours. 

  • Join the Knottwood Community Group on Facebookwhere you can chat with other Knottwood residents about what’s happening in our area.

We would like to thank Cst. Brendan FONTEYNE and Sgt. Marc DEHID of the SE Division of EPS for hosting the information session for Knottwood Community members.

Thank you to Councillor, Mike Nickel for attending the meeting. Community safety is a priority for him and will work with the Knottwood Board to address concerns.

Any questions or concerns? Email neighbourhoodwatch@knottwoodcommunity.ca