Join us on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 for our annual AGM.

Whether it’s joining the Board of Directors or learning how you can participate in events and programs, come out to see how you can get involved with your Knottwood Community League and learn more about what is going on in your community.

It will be a much more casual event in comparison to many in the past, more of an opportunity to meet the Board in a relaxed environment, while we review the past year highlights and take care of some logistics.  There will also be snacks, refreshments and free childcare on-site for your convenience.


Social and Events Director
Building and Grounds Director
Youth representative

Job Descriptions

Social and Events Director

The Social Director will:

  • be responsible for all matters pertaining to social activities of the League, including dances, social nights, etc
  • Based on Board approval, Hiring and contracting of external service providers and vendors
  • prepare an annual budget for social activities and submit it to the VP1;
  • review and prepare policy and procedures with respect to social activities, and
  • prepare annual event plan in coordination with the Programs Director, the Volunteer Director, and gather input from the Board
  • work in collaboration with the VP1 and report monthly to the Board

Building and Grounds Director:

The Building and Grounds Director will:

  • Plan, organize and supervise the activities of staff and contractors, or designate through to the KCL Facilities Manager (including Hall rental activities);
  • Engage vendors and contractors to generate an appropriate level of quotations, scope understanding, and site reviews based on Board facility initiatives
  • Ensure proper repair, maintenance of mechanical systems, grounds and rink maintenance and custodial services are being maintained
  • Oversee the remodelling and renovation of building structures;
  • Prepare an annual budget and submit it to the Treasurer;
  • Review and prepare policy and procedures; and
  • Work in collaboration with the Treasurer, and report monthly to the Board

Youth Representatives

The Youth Representatives will:

  • Promote young people’s interests;
  • Work with Volunteer Director to plan and organize appropriate youth and community programs;
  • Liaise and work with parents, schools and other community groups/organizations;
  • Prepare an annual budget and submit it to the Volunteer Director; and
  • Work in collaboration with the Volunteer Director, and report monthly to the Board

OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: photographers, videographers, event volunteers, administrative help, running individual programs and more.

Questions about available positions? Email

Like to attend the AGM to learn more about the Knottwood Community League? Please RSVP here.