We love our neighbourhood small businesses and encourage folks to buy locally and support their neighbours.

Our Knottwood Community Facebook group exists primarily to give neighbours a place to talk to each other, ask questions and learn about upcoming community events, initiatives, safety info, etc. 

We understand that the group also gives small business owners access to their neighbours; however posting business posts as consistently as we’ve seen in the group recently doesn’t fit with the group’s purpose;  it can overload newsfeeds and make it difficult for neighbours to see people’s posts about neighbourhood issues, questions, concerns and comments.

To remedy this, we are launching two initiatives for our Knottwood Community Facebook group:

  1. Monday Business-Post Day   Business owners will be able to post one (1) ad per week on Mondays. Any other posts submitted on other days of the week will be declined.
  1. Small Business Directory – In addition to the group’s Business Post Day, we are launching a Small Business Directory that will serve as a quick file to go to for information and contact information about businesses in Knottwood. 

Any community member who owns a small business or sells a product (Avon, Scentsy, Epicure, etc) will be welcome and encouraged to add their business to the list. The Directory will remain permanently in the Group under the Files section where people can go anytime to find information about all of the neighbourhood businesses.

New Business Directory will be found under the Files Tab of the Knottwood Community Group Facebook page.

So business owners! If you would like to be included in the Directory, please send the following information to vp2@knottwoodcommunity.ca :

  • Business name
  • Brief description
  • Contact name, phone number, email address, Facebook page, website, etc.
  • Methods of payment accepted
  • Logo (if you have one)

We are very excited to launch this new tool and hope it will become a valuable resource for all Knottwood Community members moving forward.