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Time to discover Knottwood Community League

Proudly serving the communities of Ekota, Menisa and Satoo.

TransED – Mill Woods

We encourage our community members to stay involved in the development of the Valley Line to Millwoods. Please see below webpages for more information. http://transedlrt.ca/ https://www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/valley-line-lrt-mill-woods-to-lewis-farms.aspx   Questions or concerns? Contact:…

New programs for kids

The Knottwood Community League is excited to announce new programming to allow for affordable, full-day active play and educational-based care. Registration is now open for September 2017. Kinder School In close…

Like us on Facebook

The Knottwood Community League has a new Facebook page! We've created the new page to tell you about our exciting plans to help bring the communities of Menisa, Satoo and…

Supporting The Community

Knottwood Community League has a strong history of providing quality programs for families and a wide range of exciting events. Many of these initiatives are run in conjunction with partners such as the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Police Service. Here is some more information about what we've got planned to help make your neighbourhood an even better place to live, work and bring up a family.


From block parties to Irish suppers to sizzling barbeques, there’s fun for all the family.


Programs help provide happy and healthy communities. Find out more about what we offer.


Free swimming, free skating and money off at the movies. Become a member.